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Philanthropic Analytics and Business Intelligence. Today’s marketplace and online economy provide non-profits with an ability to augment their internal donor database with information related to wealth, assets, lifestyle and philanthropic behavior. Learning how to combine that external business intelligence with internal data provides insight that can make or break your ability to fulfil your strategic plan. We offer several services that help.

Yield Analysis How much money can you raise over time? How large is your philanthropic market? These questions can be answered by combining the results of your wealth screening and demographic data with your giving history. Our analysts can illustrate the capacity of your audience, and forecast you’re ability to penetrate that market based on your experience.

Prospect Throughput Analysis Our team couples wealth screening data and donor history with best practice standards for principal, major, and leadership annual giving to calculate the number of frontline fundraising officers required to meet, engage, solicit, and steward the prospective donors in your universe. We start with your pipeline and practice, and calculate the number of fundraisers required to saturate your prospect pool. The calculus might indicate more fundraisers are required. By re-calibrating your performance metrics, we may discover that you simply need to change the performance metrics.

Regional Office Productivity For national organizations with regional chapters, we can compare and contrast productivity by program (major giving, special events, annual giving, etc) within the context of the affluence of each region. The model discovers internal best practices, and permits you to highlight those highly productive organizations and replicate their best practices throughout your network.

Forecast/ROI Analysis We can create a campaign forecast and campaign budget and utilize our Return on Investment model to illustrate the efficacy of a campaign to your CEO, CFO, and Board. Each model forecast is unique. It is
is based on the yield and throughput analysis. All fixed and variable expenses are identified and calculated based on your environment and where your people need to travel, and how frequently. The result is a year-by-year forecast of revenue and expense that gives you a complete appreciation for what to expect before making the decisions to move ahead. We leverage information to provide critical insight that informs the campaign strategy and plan.

These formulas have worked for organizations both small and large. For mature programs and startup programs. This analytic element of the work informs our design of the feasibility study, staff alignment, and campaign plan.

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Their expertise in writing case statements, conducting feasibility studies, analyzing results of the studies and follow up consulting is second to none.

Dr. Ronald G. Area
CEO, The Marshall University Foundation, Inc

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