Case Statements Opening is Everything


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Published July 31, 2013

A Case Statement’s Opening is Everything!


You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate and be inspired by the opening of the Case Statement for Hebrew Union College— the Jewish Institute of Religion.

It begins, I feel, with a powerful statement. “The Jewish leader- the Rabbi, Cantor, educator, or professor— whom you admire and who strengthens our Jewish Reform, Jewish communities, was educated at Hebrew Union College— Jewish Institute of Religion.”



That leaves no doubt that this is the premiere institution in developing leaders of the Reform faith. It goes on.

“We ensure the future of Reform Judaism and the Jewish people.

“We educate the religious and communal leadership for modern Judaism that is joyful, inspiring, and dynamic.

“But the continuity of contemporary Judaism that balances tradition with the demands of a changing Jewish community rests in your hands.”

This means that it is up to the reader to do something. It closes with a call to action. “A vibrant Jewish future depends on you. The continuity of the Judaism you cherish is contingent upon your commitment to our campaign.”

If you have a powerful opening for your Case Statement, please send me a copy. I would love to read it.