Our Approach

When we take on an assignment, we become a dedicated partner in the organization’s mission. Whether it is Consulting, Strategic Planning, Market Research, Planned Giving, or Board Retreats. For every program, and every project— we reinvent the wheel all over again.

We have established new paths and developed new concepts that are now considered standard in philanthropy— from Moves Management™ to taking advantage of personalized styles of asking for major gifts.

We are an incubator of new ideas
Our strategies are creatively conceived and designed in a way that provides for effective and immediate implementation tailored to the specific needs of the client, the mission and the constituency. We not only are known for stepping out of the box, sometimes we create new boxes.

We are well known as a firm that practices its art with style and grace. We are at equally at home working with your staff, volunteers, board and major donors.

A high level of energy
We bring matchless determination and vigor to our programs. We inject energy into every engagement that is felt at all levels of the organization and the community.

We keep our promises
In proposing a program, we commit a great deal of time and energy to the assignment. And we keep our promises.  We do what we say we will do.  You can count on it.

An understanding of the spirit and psychology of philanthropy
We have extensive experience in the strategy and tactics that make for a successful development campaign. It has led to over $11 billion in funds raised to date. At the core of this success is an understanding of each individual donor.

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Their expertise in writing case statements, conducting feasibility studies, analyzing results of the studies and follow up consulting is second to none.

Dr. Ronald G. Area
CEO, The Marshall University Foundation, Inc

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