Campaign Research

Campaign Research

There’s nothing else quite like it. A Capital Campaign puts an institution “on the line”— presenting its case for support, developing the strategy, implementing the hundreds of details, building the momentum, counting on an enthusiastic response to move forward with urgent plans.

Our job, our passion really, is to guide you and your institution through the 1,001 decisions that populate the planning process for a successful campaign.

And like the proverbial iceberg, most of the campaign’s success is determined out of public view. The fundamental Value Concept, the crafting of the Case for Support, the Feasibility Study, Engagement of Leadership, the Quiet Phase, the Lead Gifts— these are all critical actions representing 70% or more of the final results.  And there isn’t yet a glossy brochure in sight!

Our 3,500 clients have included giant universities, local hospices, museums, hospitals, research institutes, schools and colleges, conservation groups, broadcast ministries, homeless shelters, and community organizations. Their need for capital makes them entirely alike.  But their circumstances and resources are enormously different.

That is why our approach is different in every situation.

When a client requires high-powered help on an intensive, full-time basis, we assign an experienced full-time Resident Campaign Director. We are well known for the caliber and expertise of our career development professionals.

Alternatively, we can support a Campaign with half or Part-time Professional Support— a professional who works on-site two or three days a week, and can be responsive to special needs while off-site.

Clients with established staffing capacity often prefer a Campaign Counsel model where one of our Partners or Senior Principals provides top-line guidance, perhaps convening monthly Milestone Meetings to measure and guide progress.

We’re proud of the integrity, and the passion we bring to our work on Campaigns. Often, our approach involves combinations of these measures, adjusted by the needs of the Campaign.

Each program we undertake is tailored to fit the specific situation and its needs— one successful campaign after another.

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Their expertise in writing case statements, conducting feasibility studies, analyzing results of the studies and follow up consulting is second to none.

Dr. Ronald G. Area
CEO, The Marshall University Foundation, Inc

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