Development Audits

Development Audits

You’ve heard about the turtle who said, “I’m glad I’m moving slowly because I’m not certain I’m going in the right direction.”

If you don’t organize and prepare your development program to make the right decisions, and faster, and if you don’t have the proper plan and strategy— you place yourself in jeopardy of not raising the full potential you should.

We have a service where we examine every possible aspect of your program. We peel back the layers. Everything you do is analyzed— carefully, skillfully, objectively. We explore the intersection where staff, board members, and the giving constituency meet— and where strategy and creative thinking come alive.

In our firm, we call this comprehensive discipline a Resource Evaluation to Assess Potential (REAP). It is a capability compromised of our deep experience across the nonprofit sector, a set of well-crafted diagnostic measures, and the enthusiasm for applying them effectively. For example, here’s what we do:

The GOCheck examines 157 factors in Grading your Organization
Our ACT tool provides a strikingly accurate Appraisal of Campaign Timing that guides your planning, budgeting, staffing.

Examine 47 different factors that determine your success

It isn’t necessary for us to use every tool or apply every facet of the REAP discipline in every assignment. But we think it is necessary for you to understand the depth and comprehensiveness of our methodology, in order to appraise our work.

We charge a fair price for our services, certainly, but the REAP study shouldn’t cost you. It probably won’t. Normally we see a 20% to 30%, or greater, increase in gift revenue in the ensuing 12 to 18 months. It is certain to produce important new income.

An oral presentation of the recommendations is made to the staff— and often to the Board if appropriate. And of course, there’s a written Report. Often there’s an interim discussion of findings with the senior staff before final recommendations are put in writing.

We have completed REAPs for hundreds of organizations— universities, medical centers, art centers, and social agencies.  Large complex institutions and small organizations. All will give testimony to how effective and cost-productive it has been.

For more information, request our broadside called, “An Amazing Thing Happens.” It’s also available on our website.

We will take you on a journey that will substantially increase the effectiveness of your operation. In a way, we set you on a course of Bullet Train Thinking and management. It means if you want to increase the speed of the Bullet Train ten miles per hour, you add a little more horsepower.

But if you want to take it from a hundred and fifty mph to three hundred mph, doubling the speed, you’ve got to think about whether or not you widen the tracks, change the suspension system, think of a new power drive.

You’ve got to think out of the box. It’s not the same train with a little more tweak. It’s a whole new thought and strategy.

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Their expertise in writing case statements, conducting feasibility studies, analyzing results of the studies and follow up consulting is second to none.

Dr. Ronald G. Area
CEO, The Marshall University Foundation, Inc

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