Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Those who study the issue say that trillions of dollars will flow to charitable endeavors in the near future. We know there will be a transfer of $14.6 trillion, from one generation to the next, by 2012.

The organization whose mission is advanced through this enormous transfer of wealth will be focused on two grand steps to the biggest gifts. First, you will build satisfying, productive, and mutually rewarding philanthropic relationships with donors and probable donors. You begin to win if people are passionate about you and what you do—and want to help through a meaningful legacy.

JPL&P helps you build those relationships and take the second step to the largest gifts. That is the crucial infrastructure through which you will offer those who want to experience the joy of ultimate philanthropy. Planned Giving can and should be transformational for donors and donees. We are committed to helping you do exactly that!

Our Planned Giving Exponent Program includes our innovative Planned Giving Help Desk. It is an excellent way to create or bolster your planned giving infrastructure. We can help you have responsive, enabling gift acceptance and management policies. Help you build a program that excites and involves your donors in gift planning activities that help them resolve issues beyond philanthropy. We can show you how to build a Professional Partners program to engage and involve financial professionals and professional advisers who have existing trust relationships with your donors and others who might be your donors.

We also provide consulting services to help build, enhance, and vitalize a planned giving program.

We are consultants to philanthropy. The entirety of philanthropy, including the highly specialized and very special area of planned giving. We can help you make the top of the giving pyramid the base of your organization’s future.

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Their expertise in writing case statements, conducting feasibility studies, analyzing results of the studies and follow up consulting is second to none.

Dr. Ronald G. Area
CEO, The Marshall University Foundation, Inc

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