Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Yogi Berra gave us the bad news: “Predictions are hard, especially when they are about the future.”

For your organization, as on a trip, it is how you plan and plot your journey that determines whether you reach the final destination you had in mind. If you don’t know where you’re going, there are many ways to get there.

That’s why long-range planning, creatively conceived and time-phased ensures you reach your highest potential and your loftiest objectives. A Strategic Plan is a dream with a deadline.

Success in advancing your mission is actually a simple matter if undertaken in an effective manner. There are only four elements.  Our role is to optimize each one in your situation so your short-range objectives and long-range goals are met— on time, on target, and with anticipated results.

1. The Case for Giving must be compelling and urgent. It must be dramatic and appealing to both the heart and the mind of your donors. Our strategic planning process is focused on the core of your strategic success: your donors. From the outset, we are determined to help you express your case in a way that excites and persuades your donors that they are full partners in your work and service.

2. Resources Invested in your Future— Very few things never change. They are the rare verities. One of them is that you must invest in building an environment for success to achieve your potential. We help you match the resources you can invest in your future with those strategies and tactics that will produce the audacious results you require.

3. Probable Donors— Americans have never held as much wealth as they do today. Just a fraction of that wealth could advance organizations that change and save lives in ways we haven’t even imagined.  We focus on helping you understand your donors and probable donors, to involve and engage them to create satisfying, productive, and rewarding philanthropic relationships. Your plan is not strategic if you don’t know your donors and base your plan on that knowledge.

4. Leadership— Another of the rare verities is that no organization can be better than those who hold it in trust. We believe that governance volunteers and fundraising staff both have crucial leadership roles that must be honored and pursued with dedication.  We help you formulate the roles and responsibilities that engage your leaders.

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Dr. Ronald G. Area
CEO, The Marshall University Foundation, Inc

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