10 Strategies for High Performance

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Published June 9, 2015

Ten Strategies for High Performance

For the eighteen years Lisa Ryerson headed Wells College, she was considered one of the most effective and innovative college presidents in the nation. She is now Executive Vice President of AARP.

At a recent Seminar of the Institute for Charitable Giving, she gave a session titled BUILD, ENGAGE & MOTIVATE HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS.

Here are her ten strategies:

  1. Keep the culture of the organization top of mind.
  2. Exercise rigor in hiring.
  3. Connect all work and service to the Vision and Mission of the organization.
  4. Set clear goals and expectations. Then, monitor.
  5. Invest in talent.
  6. Be an intentional leader.
  7. Address challenges head-on.
  8. Actively listen— always.
  9. Be the most positive person in your organization.
  10. Communicate, communicate, communicate!