A Dozen Will-Nevers

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Published October 9, 2016

A Dozen “Will-Nevers”

There’s a fellow named Seth Godin. I’m not certain how I started getting messages from his blog. I don’t even know what the fellow does for a living.

(Shouldn’t that be the purpose of the blog?) All I know is that he manages to send a message about every other day.

Here’s one he wrote for sales people. I felt it applied equally to folks in development work. I’ve added a few “will-nevers” Can you guess which ones?

  1. I will never miss a deadline.
  2. I will never be less than optimistic.
  3. I will never fail to warn my boss about a possible problem.
  4. I will never violate a confidence.
  5. I will never over-sell a program or project.
  6. I will never let a donor down.
  7. Even when things get tough, I will never be less than passionate about my work.
  8. I will never be late for a meeting.
  9. If I get a no from someone, I will never be discouraged. I will consider it a maybe.
  10. I will never let anything keep me from being in regular contact with our friends and supporters.
  11. I will never gossip around the office.
  12. I will never be less than loyal to my supervisor and my organization. If I can’t be, I’ll find another organization.

If you have any to add, let me know.