A Fulfilling Life

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Published August 20, 2016

A Fulfilling Life

I wanted to compile a list of what I consider life’s most important elements.

I decided to limit it to twenty-one. If you have any to add, e-mail me.

Keep in Mind the:

  1. Value of your time
  2. Importance of perseverance
  3. Joy of working hard
  4. Comfort of good friends
  5. Example you set
  6. Warmth of a smile
  7. Confidence that you can do it
  8. Worth of character and integrity
  9. Power of kindness
  10. Inspiration to dream and to dare
  11. Obligation and duty to your organization
  12. Commitment to excellence
  13. Nobility of a “thank you”
  14. Influence of your work
  15. Necessity of having time to think
  16. The love for flag and country
  17. The joy of having someone to love
  18. Virtue of patience when necessary
  19. Virtue of impatience when necessary!
  20. Importance of listening
  21. Need to relax— the job should be fun