A Title That Entices

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Published November 15, 2015

A Title That Entices

Choosing the title for a campaign or a case statement can be tough. Here are five good rules to follow.

  1. Limit the title to very few words, two or three at the most— and those words should flow easily and poetically.

  2. The title should have no punctuation. It should set off sparks. It should blow the stars out of the sky.

  3. making-a-caseThe title should capture, or at least touch, the heart and purpose of the institution. It should not have been seen or used recently. (Another good rule to follow is to eschew the word “excellence”!)

  4. The role of the title is to excite. Titillate. Provoke. Causes curiosity.

  5. Most of all, the job of the title is to grab the reader in an embrace from which the reader cannot escape. And then force the reader to turn the page to the early introductory paragraphs.

(In my book, Making a Case Your Donors Will Love, I list in the Appendix over 100 Titles I have used. If you would like a copy of the book, visit our website.

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