Bloomerang Donor Retention Rates


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Published June 26, 2013


Donor Retention Rates


Jay Love is the genius who developed the software for eTapestry. Now, he and his team have done it again. A whole new standard in fundraising software.

It’s called Bloomerang (Click link to enlarge). What I like best about it is its focus on retention. At last! You have heard me before on the subject. Attrition is your enemy.

In a study of 4000 nonprofits, the retention rate for first-time donors was a dismal 27%. That means these organizations had to bring new donors into the pipeline as fast as they were losing them.

If you don’t know your retention rate, you could be in trouble. Only 65 of 2,377 nonprofits had a retention rate of over 70%.

And for more information about this exciting new software, call Jay (866-332-2999).