Change the Name

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Published June 23, 2018

Change the Name

Dan Rothblatt is Executive Vice President of The Jewish Community Foundation in Los Angeles. It’s the largest Jewish Community Foundation in the nation and one of the largest community foundations in California. They raise about $80 million a year.

The Foundation was established in 1954. Last year, they distributed $65 million to hundreds of nonprofit organizations.

Here is what I wanted to tell you. They stopped using the term, Planned Giving. I can identify with that. The term has been used for years. But it has no warmth.

Some organizations use Gift Planning. But that, also, sounds a bit institutional.

Here’s the term Dan’s team uses: Designed Philanthropy. I like that.

Some, I know, use Financial Advisor. But so do a kazillion Life Insurance Agents.

Let me know what term you use in your organization.