Choose The Best

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Published November 27 2016

To Choose The Best

What would you add?

When I’m working with a client to recruit a person for their staff, I look for certain skills and talents. But I also look with equal interest for certain characteristics. I use the same qualifications for a CEO, senior staff, and development people.

        Integrity— impeccable personal values and ethics
        Resourceful under pressure
        A team player
        Bright and also street smart
        A capacity for hard work and midnight oil
        Presence, charm, and persuasiveness
        A streak of unorthodoxy
        The courage to make tough decisions
        A sense of humor
        Intolerant of mediocrity
        Good listener
        Eager to win

Obviously, I look for expertise in their field. If you’re hiring someone for the finance office, you want someone who knows something about accounting. If you’re looking for someone for planned giving, you seek someone with the right background.

But I also want to measure the person on my list of characteristics.

What would you add to my list? What would you delete as not being important? Let me hear from you.