Donor Cultivation-The Giving Path


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Published June 5, 2013

Donor Cultivation — The Giving Path

Doug Higgins is the effective Campaign Director at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland, Washington. He was a very successful campaign director on our staff for a number of years. (We lose them. And often, thankfully, they come back!)

Recently, he sent me a piece called the Donor Cultivation— The Giving Path. It’s an excellent presentation of the 6-Is you have perhaps seen in the past. Yes, yes . . . I know. Doug only lists five.

I like including Intervention— the organization’s regular and structured intervention in the probable donor’s life. I call it getting in their way on a regular basis.

If you would like to see how Doug presented this for Kadlec, visit our website to download the piece. It’s something you may want to duplicate for your own organization and use it with staff and volunteers.

Download the Donor Cultivation PDF >>