Donor giving levels

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Published December 4, 2013

Donor Giving Levels

The Susan B. Anthony organization is a 501 c(4). What intrigued me is the manner in which they display their benefits to investors at various giving levels.

You don’t have to be in alignment with their mission in order to appreciate the outstanding job they’ve done in offering increments as the giving increases.

We are often asked how to effectively showcase the dividends to an organization’s investor.  Here’s an excellent example.

By the way, to my taste, I would not have started with anything lower than $1,000. But Susan B. Anthony is a Direct Mail machine. They get gifts by the thousands at lower levels- and they want to applaud them.

This will give you an idea of what the giving grid looks like. If you want to see a larger readable version, click here to view the PDF.The Susan B. Anthony organization's grid with benefits to investors at various giving levels.