Evaluate Your Board Meetings

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Published August 13, 2017

Evaluate Your Board Meetings

I had just started my consulting relationship with Asheville School. It’s a very special high school in Asheville, North Carolina.

The meeting ended. But something happened that I had not been warned of.
I was called on to give a 15-minute critique of the Board meeting.

I wasn’t prepared for this. But I somehow muddled my way through it— spoke about Board participation, some of the good points that were made at the meeting, and some of the missed opportunities. It was an excellent exercise for me.

I suggest you do the same if you have a consultant visiting your Board meeting. Or select a Board member who will give the ten or fifteen minute evaluation.
I think it’s extremely helpful.

Then across my desk just the other day comes some feedback. It’s from a client we’re serving.

They evaluated a half dozen important points that took place at the meeting. And they also evaluated our consultant’s role at the meeting and his presentation.

I found out that they do this at every Board meeting. It’s all on SurveyMonkey, which makes the administration and the scoring unbelievably easy.

The end result will be that you greatly sharpen your Board meetings. You also find out what works and what doesn’t.