The 5 Factors to Ensure Your Amazing Success

I’m flying high. I had an opportunity to meet with Larry Ellison on behalf of a client several years ago. Ellison, as you well know, is the founder and genius behind Oracle.

He told me it wasn’t always easy for Oracle. He said it still isn’t.

During its darkest days, some of the people closest to him doubted the company would rebound and survive. But Ellison’s resolve never faltered, never wavered.

I asked him what made the difference. What he told me is a powerful lesson for everyone who raises funds. He said:
“Always have a bold vision.
“Be passionate about what you do.
“Act confident, even when you’re not!”

If you have heard me speak, you know that I preach the credo of confidence and positive thinking. Even in this difficult economic environment, men and women give more to organizations they care about. I’ll tell you about this a bit later in this piece. But first, let me describe the five factors that secure your organization’s future.

I consider these five factors to be essential to the vitality and continued development of your organization.  (Download: The 5 Factors to Ensure Your Amazing Success PDF) The interesting thing is that not one costs any money— except for the planned giving, where I urge you to add staff.

This is what I suggest. If you feel I provide at least a starting point, review the list with the staff. If I promise you that these magic five ensure the future of your organization’s success, it’s worth a major segment of a staff meeting.

In the meeting, after your review, make recommendations as to how these factors can be more effectively implemented in your organization. That becomes the basis of a major discussion with your Board.

Remember Larry Ellison’s admonition I passed on to you: Have a vision. You are a major player in the most important and effective organization in the country. Have confidence, as Ellison told you. You can make it happen.