Fundraising can be like whitewater rafting

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Published May 13, 2014

Fundraising Can Be Like Whitewater Rafting

At times, things can get difficult. When the pressure is really on, the challenges outnumber the solutions, and you feel it couldn’t get worse— I have an answer.

Being a fundraiser or a CEO can, at times, be tough. Think of it like whitewater rafting.

1. Remember, it’s what you came for. Have fun and enjoy it.

2. Rest at all the calm places. There will be more whitewater soon.

3. Never stop paddling. Even when it seems hopeless. It’s your only hope if you get into trouble.

4. Don’t panic.

5. If you go under, remain calm. Think carefully about your situation. Let go of everything. Eventually, you will come back up again.