Gen X and Millennial Generation


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Published May 8, 2013

Gen X and the Millennial Generation

This comes from Katya Andresen. She is a marketing guru for nonprofits.

Her findings come from a study done by the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy. It has to do with high net worth Generation X and millennial individuals.

The study found:

  • They want meaningful, hands-on engagement with the causes they care about and support. They hope to develop close relationships with the organizations they give to— whether it’s their time or their money.
  • These folks are highly networked with their peers. They learn about causes from trusted friends, and share philanthropic experiences with peer networks.
  • They want to revolutionize philanthropy for greater impact, aiming to use new and innovative strategies to make their giving more effective. They even get involved in things that are risky.
  • Philanthropy is a part of who they are, not just something they do. They begin developing philanthropic identity from an early age by learning through hands-on experiences— looking to older generations.

– Jerry