Gen Y – What you need to know

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Published October 8, 2018

Gen Y – What You Need to Know

You will be interested in something I just received from Thomas P. Foley. He’s president of Mount Aloysius College (Pennsylvania).

Tom says there are nine things Generation Y (born 1980 to 2000) won’t pay for. These are: ● Checking ● Long Distance ● Mail ● Music ● Wireless ● Travel Agents ● Books ● News ● and Directory Assistance.

There’s more:

  • Fully 95% of all teens (12 to 17) are now online.
  • 80% of those online teens are users of social media sites.
  • There is a 256% increase in mobile data usage by teens in the U.S. (13 to 17) over the past year.
  • 51% check sites more than once a day.
  • 40% visit Facebook more than 10 times per day.
  • 80% use two or more devices simultaneously while watching TV.
  • 59% visit Facebook during class.

They are 80 million strong
— active in your organization, in college, or well on their way into careers.