High Net Worth Volunteers


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Published March 6, 2013


Generally, high net worth individuals who volunteer tend to also give financial gifts. And those who volunteer tend to give more.
Increasingly, high net worth individuals give their contributions to organizations where they both volunteer and believe their gift will have the largest impact. That shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Here is something that’s interesting. When high net worth individuals were asked why they chose to volunteer, nearly half said they volunteer because they feel passionate about the cause and the mission of the organization. In many cases, they approached the organization to get involved. Only one-third indicated that it was the organization that approached them.
If it’s true, and it is, that those who volunteer give more, shouldn’t your organizations do more, and more, and more, to get people involved.
What we know is that the more people get involved, the more they love you, and the more they love you, the more they give. This is Fundraising 101.

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