Ignite a Fire

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Published April 18, 2016

Ignite a Fire

Writing a Case Statement is not for sissies! It can be a torturous venture for someone on the staff.

One of the important advantages of outsourcing the assignment is that you have a writer who looks at you as an outsider. They seek great opportunities. They ask questions that open doors. They add color and zest.

There’s also the matter of speed. I’ve done a test on this. When a staff person takes on the assignment, it usually takes six weeks to complete the Case. We do about twenty Cases a month, and turn them around in five days.

You want writing that ignites a fire. It starts with the title.

The title develops the theme and tone for the Case Statement. Its inexorable job is to get the reader to turn to page one. From there, begin reading the first few paragraphs.

making-a-case-your-donors-will-loveIn my book, Making a Case Your Donors Will Love, I give 105 examples of titles we have used. (I give you permission to use any one of them without attribution!)

The title casts the theme and spirit of the statement. It is the melody you sing throughout. You want it to sufficiently bold that captures the imagination and piques the fascination of the reader. It should enfold them in a dance of intrigue from which neither you nor the reader can escape the other’s embrace.

There are six elements that must be included in the Case. I cover these in my book. But I’m beginning to sound commercial.

Tom Ahern is a brilliant writer. And you have some freelance writers in your community. And there are plenty of books on the subject. Tom has written several.

If you decide to write the Case in-house, you might pass onto the writer this quote from Truman Capote: “I’m about ready to begin my writing. My hands tremble. My head throbs. Every bone aches. My whole body shakes. The pain is so great I cannot think. My mind is a blank. I have stared at the paper in front of me for hours. Perhaps someone will call me for lunch and a drink.”