It Comes Back to You

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Published May 15, 2017

It Comes Back to You

Here begineth the lesson.

If you have been with me at one of my seminars or workshops, you’ve heard me preach the gospel of the joy of giving. You’ve also heard me speak of a phenomenon that takes place when a person makes a gift of significance.

Are you ready!

I refer to the references in the New Testament that tell us that when funds are given in abundance and sacrificially, the gift somehow comes back to the donor. It is also mentioned in the Koran and the Torah. It is mentioned fifteen times in the Old Testament.

I know it happens. I cite a dozen actual people in my book Mega Gifts who tell me about this experience.

Every time I interview a philanthropist, I ask the same question: “Do you find that when you give a major gift to one of your causes, the money somehow comes back to you? I’m not talking about the joy you receive or how you might feel spiritually. I’m referring to the money.”

The answer is always the same. The money does indeed come back to them.

I am reminded once again of this extraordinary truth the other day. I am in London with a client. I’m talking with Randolph. He gives £500,000 a year (about US$625,000) to my client. I discover he also gives to a number of other organizations.

We talk about his giving. It turns out he gives 30 percent of his income to charity and an additional amount to his church. I ask if this is difficult in an economy that’s a bit unstable.

“I wouldn’t think of cutting back,” Randolph says. “I love giving. It’s my passion. And the truth is, I’m afraid to stop. Since I’ve started giving at this level, my income has increased dramatically.”

Here endeth the lesson.