Just Keep Giving

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Published September 18, 2016

Just Keep Giving

I first came across this little poem 30 years ago. Maybe even longer than that.

I used it a number of times in correspondence, handwritten notes, and three or four times in brochures we prepared for some of our campaigns.

Somehow, it got tucked away, in a seldom-used cabinet, along with a lot of other 4×6 cards. (You remember what a 4×6 card is, don’t you!)

I’ve used it before, several years ago, in one of our e-mails. I like it so much I wanted to send it along to you again. I thought you would enjoy having it. I wish I could claim authorship. But I do give you permission to use it since I have no idea where I found it.

Angel, must I give again, I ask in dismay.
And must I keep giving and giving and giving it away?
Oh no, said the angel, his glance pierced me through.
Just keep giving ‘til the Lord stops giving to you.