Keys to Effective Listening

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Published August 29, 2018

Effective Listening

  1. Is the ultimate mark of respect you can pay a person.
  2. Puts the other person in the spotlight.
  3. Is the heart and soul of engaging a person.
  4. Makes you an outstanding conversationalist.
  5. Allows the other person to gain ownership.
  6. Demonstrates your thoughtfulness.
  7. Is the basis for a true partnership.
  8. Is a skill that can be learned.
  9. Turns an objection into advocacy.
  10. Provides giving clues.
  11. Is the springboard to securing the gift.
  12. Is the key to renewing the gift.
  13. Helps you learn something new.
  14. Can turn a negative into a positive reaction.
  15. Enables you to develop a strategy.
  16. Is the most important element in being empathetic.
  17. Ensures your success.

Listen with your entire being. Listen with your eyes. Listen as if you are hard of hearing.