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Published September 4, 2013

SPECIAL OFFER: Lansdowne’s Fundraising Realitiesfund-raising-realities-book

David Lansdowne’s book, Fundraising Realities Every Board Member Must Face, is the #2 bestselling fundraising book of all time.

(Modesty prevents me from mentioning that my book, ASKING, is #1.)

But who cares about any pecking order?

I’ll be delighted if David’s book overtakes mine if it means your board members come to fully embrace their fundraising responsibilities. That’s what I consider is important.

You know I don’t often recommend a book. But this book stands alone. The best on the subject.

I like this book so much I wrote the Foreword. In part, here’s what I said: “As far as sound fundraising verities are concerned, Fundraising Realities is the Koran, the Talmud, and Deuteronomy all rolled into one.”

David’s a gifted writer. He is always enlightening. And sometimes, he’ll make you laugh. I strongly suggest you buy the book.

In fact, I’ve wangled a deal for you from the publisher. Buy two copies— one for yourself and a second for your board chair, and you’ll get free shipping. Order the book here and use promo code: JPFS

 — Jerry