Leadership Inventory

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Published September 2, 2014

Leadership Inventoryleadership inventory-8pg

Do you want to take a look at your skills as a leader? Do you dare!

I have developed an instrument that measures 12 different spectra of a leader’s characteristics and attributes.

After I completed the instrument, I had our senior staff grade me. That was scary! I did fairly well. But there were a couple areas where I fell badly.

Whoa! I wasn’t pleased.

Then we field-tested the instrument. You get a score on each of the 14 areas and an overall rating. It’s as close to precision and totality as you can get.

Here’s what I did in my office. It may work for you, also.

I sent the questionnaire to our senior staff with an envelope that was impossible to identify the source. I wanted to make certain the evaluation was completely anonymous.

Then I had our Senior Managing Partner open the envelopes and total the grades. The findings were immensely revealing.

If you would like to have a copy of the LEADERSHIP INVENTORY, click here.