I’m Not Really Sure I’m Totally Committed to the Organization

ANSWER: If this is the case, you should indeed not be asking others for a gift. If you are not head-over-heels dedicated to our organization, you very likely won’t do a good job of asking others for a gift. Perhaps you’re involved with the wrong organization.

But here’s what I suggest. Get to know us much better and understand how we touch lives in a very special way. I’ll talk with you more about that.

Then, get ready to ask.

One thing we know that is one of the most powerful attributes in your arsenal of a successful ask is your commitment and passion. You must feel really good about us before you go out. Let’s talk some more about our outreach and how we serve in a way no other organization does.

Email us with your most common objections and answers for Board Members and Volunteers not willing to solicit? We would like to hear from you.