Objections are Your Best Friends

Although at the time, you may not think so. But if you know the objection, you can respond. You are one step closer to getting the gift.

You can’t leave a meeting without asking if they have any questions. Probe to determine how they feel about the project. Are there any objections?

One common objection

When asked for a gift, donors will often say, “I need time to think it over.” (If they don’t say that, it’s possible you haven’t asked for enough!)

Donors often do indeed need time to process a gift proposal and think it over. But it’s important to keep the in-between time brief. If you give people a month to respond, they will take a month.

Your response to, “I need time to think it over,” should be something like, “Of course you need time to think it over. How much time do you think you will need? Can I come back in a few days? How about next week?”

Never leave a donor visit without receiving a gift or a new date for the next meeting.

What are the most common objections you hear and your answers? We would like to hear from you. Email us.