Questionnaire for Present Donors

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Published January 27, 2015

Questionnaire for Present Donors

It’s a fascinating phenomenon. When people are asked to complete a questionnaire, they become closer to the organization. And if they are already close, they become even closer. Every study confirms this takes place.

Robin Cabral recently sent me a questionnaire she uses with donors. It’s for present donors.

This is a great idea for people who have already said, “We’re engaged, but haven’t quite made up our mind to marry you.” For those who are committed and longtime supporters, it is an excellent step in stewardship.

Even if they don’t respond, your donors will love that you asked for their advice. (What’s the old saying— if you ask for a gift, they give you advice. If you ask for advice, they give you a gift!)

I’ve taken Robin’s questionnaire and done some modifying. If you decide to send out this questionnaire to your donor base (and I hope you will), you will wish to tweak it to make it fit your own situation. Add some more questions if you wish.

Send it e-mail. It’s less expensive and you actually get a better return than by mail. Even those who don’t complete and return the questionnaire will be pleased that you thought of asking.

To see a copy of a proposed questionnaire for donors, Word doc, PDF.