Random Acts of Kindness

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Published October 30, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness

Robert Dilenschneider is one of the brightest and most creative public relations professionals in the field today. His firm is premier in the country.

On a periodic basis, he prepares what he calls a “Little Red Book”— each on a variety of topics. His latest is titled KINDNESS.

In it, he writes, “We need to work harder to be kind to all who make our life run more smoothly.”

  • He gives us some random acts of kindness we should consider. I’ve added a few of my own.
  • Don’t just ask, “How are you?” Show interest, take time to listen and respond.
  • Tip well for good service— especially the person who brings you breakfast.
  • Don’t just think about giving a compliment— give it.
  • When in a grocery line, let the person behind you go in front.
  • If you see a parking meter that has expired, put in some change.
  • Open a door for someone— man or woman.
  • When at a Toll Booth, pay also for the car behind you.
  • Help someone who is overloaded with packages.
  • Remember the anniversary of a friend.
  • Make a phone call that lifts someone’s loneliness.
  • Send an unexpected note that makes someone smile and feel good.
  • Call someone to let them know how much they mean to you.
  • Thank a police officer or fireman for their service.
  • Thank your spouse (Partner) for all they do for you.

Please send me any suggestion you might like to add to the list.

Bob’s firm also sends out a state of affairs of the world that’s amazing. If you would like to be on his mailing list, contact Joan Avagliano at jma@dgi-nyc.com. You will be delighted.