Basically, I’m a Shy Person

ANSWER: I can understand how you feel. But that’s easy to overcome as far as asking is concerned.

Take as a given that you will never have to make a call by yourself. There will always be a staff person or a Board member who can go with you.

Keep in mind, one of the most important things you can do is to open doors and help make the appointment. There are a number of people where you can do that.

And by the way, being shy is no problem. Actually, it’s an attribute. What is less desirable is someone blustering and loud, who goes swaggering in to make the ask. No one likes that. It’s a put-off.

The staff will coach you. You will be great.

Email us with your most common objections and answers for Board Members and Volunteers not willing to solicit? We would like to hear from you.