Ten Questions You Should Answer

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Published May 9, 2016

Ten Questions You Should Answer

Josh Weston was a major donor and a superb corporate citizen. He headed a number of significant causes when he was CEO of the $10 billion Automatic Data Processing (New Jersey). The company is the largest provider of business outsourcing solutions.

He told me that he is regularly asked to chair or become involved in a number of worthwhile causes. Before he says yes to taking on an assignment, he has 10 questions he wants to have answered.

1  When was the last campaign and how much was raised?

2  How much does the organization raise on an annual basis?

3  Are they balancing their budget each year?

4  What is the value proposition— are they meeting their mission objective?

5  Why do they need to raise funds?— and why now?

6  Who is on the Board and how much are they giving?

7  I’d like to meet the CEO (if the CEO isn’t present at the meeting).

8  I know I’ll be expected to give if I get involved. What is your anticipation regarding my giving?

9  What kind o staff support can I expect?

10  How much time will it take?

This is actually a superb agenda of what you might prepare when you talk with somebody about taking on an assignment in your campaign. Cover each item in your discussion.

These are the questions that most men and women will be thinking, even if they don’t ask. Prepare in advance the answer and let them hear from you at the meeting.