The 3 Es of being a great fundraiser


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Published June 19, 2013


Energy is considered one of the important attributes of being a great fundraiser. Or an effective agency CEO, Hospital Administrator, or College President.

Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy are the 3-Es donors like to see in the people who call on them. And energy is infectious. The more you demonstrate, the more that comes back to you.

You will find you have a zeal and zest for your work if you’re physically and mentally vital and vibrant. You are a tuning fork ready to vibrate!  Here are 15 tips that will ensure your energy.

 1.    Ignore the elevator.  Use steps if it’s three stories up or four down.

2.    Quit or reduce drinking coffee or soda.  Substitute water.

3.    Walk or bicycle to work.

4.    Take the furthest parking space possible at the office or when shopping.

5.    Exercise regularly, at least five times a week.

6.    Smile.  It’s contagious.  It affects everyone around you and makes a difference in your own attitude.

7.    Eat sensibly and moderately.  Stay away from anything white.  Never nibble or eat anything while you’re standing up.

8.    Attend a church or synagogue of your choice.  A strong faith energizes a person.

9.    Surround yourself with positive thinkers— people who share your passion and commitment.

10.    Don’t worry.  Take each day, one day at a time.

11.    Take your job seriously, but not yourself.

12.    Get plenty of sleep.  But not too much !  Too much can be debilitating.

13.    Set personal objectives.  Keep raising the bar.  Meet your objectives.

14.    Make certain you’re having fun with your work.

15.    Have a love affair with life.


 — Jerry