The 4 Magic Questions

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Published September 30, 2015

The 4 Magic Questions

In our profession, you learn to take rejection in stride. You understand that a series of NOs only means that you are part way toward a YES.

I have a saying that applies: 3 NOs and you’re halfway to a YES.

At a meeting, if I get a NO, I ask my 4 Magic Questions. I use these, also, if the response is, “I need to think this over.” I say something such as, “Of course, you need to think it over. Just let me ask you (now my 4 Magic Questions):

  1. Is it the institution
  2. Is it the project
  3. Is it the amount
  4. Is it the timing

I have language I use for each of these questions. Come to one of my Seminars, The Art of Asking, to learn how I ask.