The BOY Rule 2

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Published October 16, 2016

The BOY Rule

I really believe in the BOY Rule. Because Of You.

How often have you taken an opportunity to let your donors know that you have had great success, touched countless lives, and have done wonders— and have taken the opportunity to say, “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

One very effective way to thank your donors is to call to verify the spelling of their names for the listing in the Annual Report. It also provides an extraordinary occasion to say something such as, “This gives me an opportunity to thank you for your generous help . . . and all that you do for us. Your gift really means a great deal to us and to all we serve. Because of you . . . “

Practice the BOY Rule. And find a way during the year to let your donors know how much you love them.

This is best done not by swoop. There should be a structured, written plan.