The Fundraiser's Measuring Stick

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Published April 29, 2017

The Fundraiser’s Measuring Stick Inscription

I’ve had so many return my last book to me . . . to ask for an inscription.

That, of course, gives me double-delight.measuring-stick-book-cvr
i)     They bought the book.
ii) They liked it enough that they wanted an inscription.

If you haven’t bought the book yet, I’ve got an idea for you. But first let me tell you about, THE FUNDRAISER’S MEASURING STICK.

I wanted to write a book about the attributes that are the very most important to securing major gifts. There are a kazillion books published on fundraising— but nothing quite focused on major gifts. Nothing focused on what I had in mind.

I came up with 61 characteristics I felt were particularly noteworthy. Then I honed the list to 29. I don’t believe there’s anything you would add. Or subtract.

The book is a joy to read. It would take you only 59 minutes. It’s filled to the brim with real people and their wonderful stories.

I’d be surprised if you’re not underlining and writing in the margins. It’s that kind of a book.

Now back to the inscription!

If you don’t have a copy of THE FUNDRAISER’S MEASURING STICK, you don’t have one of my best books. And there’s nothing like it that’s been published.

You can buy the book from the publisher (Emerson & Church) or through Amazon. But if you buy it directly from me, I’ll inscribe it before it goes out. No back-and-forth shipping.

The book sells for $24.95. Click here if you want to order a copy. It will come to my desk for an inscription. And then off to you.