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Published November 13, 2016

This I Believe

Dear Colleague:

I am going to send you something I wrote nearly ten years ago. I have revised it six times.

I have never before shared it with the outside world. It was written for only our staff.

It is my personal credo. In it, I laid myself bare, stripped of all the pretense and worldly expectations. This is the unvarnished Jerry Panas.

When I began, I thought it important that everyone should have a personal manifesto. After all, I tell all my clients they should have a mission statement that is the beacon light for them to follow.

When I finished, I decided I should share it with our staff.  How else will they know what drives me. I review and revise it about every three years.

I call it, THIS I BELIEVE.

I have never shared it beyond the staff. Not until now.

Hopefully, it will encourage you to thinking about your own set of principles that guide your life— personally and professionally.

Then put it in writing. That’s the hard part— where you strip the bark from the tree.

If you would like to see a copy of THIS I BELIEVE— you can download it here.