What Makes You Happy

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Published June 17, 2014

What Makes You Happy?

This comes from Bill Crouch. He’s Managing Partner of the firm.

Gerda Grimshaw posted the question “What makes you happy?” on a TED discussion group on LinkedIn. Jeffrey Donovan who wrote the fascinating book, How to Deliver a Ted Talk, then categorized the responses in order to understand the secret behind contentment.

What he discovered are amazing insights for the fundraiser:

Social interaction with family, friends, and pets (30.4%)
Experiencing nature (12.0%)
Charity and volunteering (10.9%)
Task Completion (9.8%)
Inspiring others through coaching, teaching, or writing (7.6%)
Introspection and learning (7.6%)
Mindfulness or “being in the moment” (6.5%)
Good health (5.4%)
Physical pleasure and exercise (5.4%)
Self-expression (2.2%)
Financial well-being (2.2%)

The bottom line for us in the philanthropy business…people want to be happy! You can help them achieve that outcome!