Winner and Undisputed Champion

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Published June 30, 2015

Winner and Undisputed Champion

What follows is from a piece I wrote for a LITTLE GOLD BOOK for Board Members.

You are among a chosen few. You are a trustee of an organization providing wondrous service.

Because of you, lives are being changed and saved. You raise the funds to provide the scholarships, heal the sick, feed the hungry, and order the world. It’s because of you. You are making it happen.

The problems never looked more difficult and more complex. The opportunities never looked as exciting and bright. These two statements should stir the heart and spirit of every trustee and challenge board members to be their very best.

You are charged to dream the unthinkable. Attempt the impossible. It is the magic of the idea that will lead your organization to unconquerable success. You will feel the rapture of being alive.

You will forever be, to use Ernest Hemingway’s salute: “the winner and undisputed champion.”

These sentiments appear in our newest LITTLE GOLD BOOK. It’s all about the passion and commitment a board member must bring to the organization.

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